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  • Fiberglass winding technology-2

    1. Operating errors The water injection pressure is high and the impact is large, and the glass steel pipe cannot be impacted by the load. After being put into use, the operator mistakenly reversed the process and held the pressure, and the operation was unbalanced, which would cause the leakage...
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  • Fiberglass winding technology-1

    The filament winding process is one of the resin matrix composite manufacturing processes. There are three main forms of winding, hoop winding, plane winding and spiral winding. The three methods have their own characteristics, and the wet winding method is the most widely used because of its rel...
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  • The characteristics of chloride ion corrosion are as follows

    1. The effect of Cl- on metal corrosion is manifested in two aspects: one is to reduce the possibility of forming a passivation film on the surface of the material or to accelerate the destruction of the passivation film, thereby promoting local corrosion; on the other hand, it reduces the solubi...
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