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FRP storage tank

  • FRP Acid and alkali storage tank

    FRP Acid and alkali storage tank

    FRP storage tank is a kind of FRP products, which is mainly a new composite material made by winding glass fiber as a reinforcing agent and resin as a binder through a microcomputer-controlled machine. FRP storage tanks have corrosion resistance
  • FRP Food storage tank

    FRP Food storage tank

    There are mainly three types of corrosive media in the fermentation industry: one is the corrosion of its products or intermediates in the production process and the product itself, such as: citric acid, acetic acid, salts in soy sauce, etc.
  • FRP ultrapure water storage tank

    FRP ultrapure water storage tank

    FRP nitrogen-sealed water tanks are generally used in ultra-pure water systems. Generally, when buffer water tanks need to be installed after mixed bed or EDI electro-deionization equipment, nitrogen-sealed water tanks are often preferred as buffer tanks at this time.