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FRP pipe fittings

  • Flange connection

    Flange connection

    FRP pipe fittings have excellent physical properties, the specific gravity of FRP pipe is 1.8-2.1, high strength, the weight of FRP pipe is light, and the physical and mechanical properties are excellent. In addition, the expansion coefficient of FRP pipe is roughly equivalent to that of steel, and the thermal conductivity is low. A good thermal and electrical insulator.
  • Looper flange

    Looper flange

    The types of FRP pipe fittings include FRP flanges, FRP elbows, FRP tees, FRP crosses, FRP reducers (FRP heads) and other FRP pipe fittings or FRP composite pipes corresponding to FRP composite pipes.
  • FRP Flange tee

    FRP Flange tee

    FRP tees are formed by "winding + hand layup", and the FRP tees formed by FRP "wound + hand layup" are integrally formed on the mold.
  • FRP pipe fittings FRP Flange

    FRP pipe fittings FRP Flange

    Integral flanges are generally flat flanges with equal wall thickness. The advantage of this structure is that the flange ring and the cylinder are integrally formed, and the reinforced glass fiber and fabric are continuous, which can give full play to the high strength and easy forming characteristics of FRP.