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FRP Flange tee

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FRP tees are formed by "winding + hand layup", and the FRP tees formed by FRP "wound + hand layup" are integrally formed on the mold.

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FRP Tee Forming Process

FRP tees are formed by “winding + hand layup”, and the FRP tees formed by FRP “wound + hand layup” are integrally formed on the mold. The existing metal or FRP molds below DN3000 are used for the FRP tees. The FRP raw materials are integrally formed by manual layering. FRP Tee can adjust the physical and chemical properties of the product by changing the combination of raw materials, the thickness structure of the inner lining layer, the structural layer, the outer anti-aging layer, and the molding process to adapt to the needs of different media and working conditions. Optimization of aspects.
Specifications and models: existing DN50~DN3000 various types of equal diameter, reducing tee, and size head.
FRP Tee can also produce FRP flanges of various specifications, various forms and various purposes according to customer requirements.


Beautiful and unique appearance, high strength, light weight, long service life, strong corrosion resistance, anti-fouling and moth resistance, low transportation and installation costs, low friction resistance, high transportation capacity, good wear resistance, strong adaptability, low maintenance costs, Long project life, safe and reliable, etc.

Matters needing attention

FRP tees can only be used under design conditions, and the medium used cannot be changed at will;
Avoid contact with sharp, hard objects;
If damage is found, repair it in time;
Wax and polish on schedule, apply paint, keep beautiful and durable


According to the functional characteristics of FRP tees, FRP pipe fittings can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, energy, electronics, metallurgy, municipal construction, food, paper, environmental protection and other industries. After special design, they can fully meet different customers and different working conditions. Needs.

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